Black Friday | Available between 15 November - 30 November
Black Friday
Start putting your PRIVACY first and SAVE UP TO 70%!

We’re giving you the chance to get ahold of the world’s first Blockchain encrypted devices and join the elite community of cyber-protected users.
Redefine the way you connect to your loved ones with the world’s first privacy-oriented laptop, a device that brings you nowadays' must-have security features.
IMPulse K1
Safeguard the privacy of your communication with the new generation of encrypted smartphones. The IMPulse K1 device is built to secure your on-the-go privacy. Get instant access to a custom protocol based on blockchain technology which keeps your data safe.
How does it protect you ?
Secure and private communication is done through Wisp, an exclusive Cryptodata OS application that uses VOBP (Voice Over Blockchain Protocol) to protect all your data transfers, including voice and video calls. All Built-In applications are registered on the blockchain and need the physical encryption key to be accessed. Therefore, data remains protected and easily accessible exclusively for its rightful owner at anytime, anywhere.
That means
Your data doesn’t get shared with any third party. Ever.
For personal use
Control over who is authorized to read your files
No third party can access your data
Have confidentiality over your digital data
Protect your intellectual property
Have a fast and reliable communication
Feel comfortable when sharing sensitive information
Stay safer when working remotely
Protect your data from service providers
Incorruptible data in digital communication
Prevent identity theft
For business use
Eliminate the risk of data breaches
No additional software to encrypt your data
Ideal safeguard solution to transfer sensitive data
Compliance with data protection laws
Ensure data integrity during transfers
Helps to build up trust with your clients
Shield internal communication
Protect your data from competitors
Transparent log of data transfers
Guaranteed backup of stored data
Join the elite network of privacy
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Starting on Monday — Nov. 15th until Nov. 30th , valid within the available stock. The -70% discount applies for the IMPulse K1 smartphone. *See terms and conditions