BASM - Secure Laptop

BASM Laptop

999 USD

Iconic blockchain-based features and high-end design imagined for immersing into the ultimate secure computing experience.

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User manual
Main display
14.1-inch (diagonal) 1920 x 1080 IPS LCD
Secondary display
5 inches (diagonal) 1280 x 720
8GB memory DDR4
Operating system
CryptoData™ O.S.
8th gen I3
Intel® UHD Graphics 620
2x SSD M.2 256GB
Bluetooth / Wi-Fi
7.4 V/6000 mAh

BASM (Blockchain Advanced Security Machine) is the privacy-oriented blockchain-based laptop built under the latest security standards to become an unbeatable powerhouse of productivity, so that you can finally manage both easily and securely your daily tasks and stay connected to what’s important.

Operating on both the secure CryptoDATA OS and a regular operating system, BASM translates the highest standards of digital security and versatility into a product.

Download the user manual here.

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Customs information: delivery to non-EU countries may incur customs taxes. These fees are not included in the order payment and the customer is solely responsible for covering them. Device restrictions: Due to the fact that CryptoDATA's devices use an impenetrable encryption algorithm called VOBP, you may face issues importing them to certain countries because of various restrictions imposed on these types of devices by local authorities. Please consult your country's legislation before ordering in order to be sure that you can receive these devices. See more terms and conditions
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IMPULSE has a completely new operating system - CryptoDATA OS. 100% safe and with a user-friendly interface. Interested developers can create and upload apps on IMP BCloud, compatible with both IOS and Android (operating systems). Every app will be tested and verified by the CryptoDATA team, in order to keep and improve the users’ security.