MinteR Guardian - Router & Validator Node

MinteR Guardian

699 USD

The ultimate secure WiFi router for blockchain enthusiasts.

The ultimate secure WiFi router for blockchain enthusiasts.

Looking for a powerful WiFi router that goes beyond just providing internet connectivity? The Minter Guardian WiFi router offers the added capability of being a node validator, enabling secure and efficient validation of blockchain transactions. With its high-speed connectivity and advanced security features, it’s the perfect solution for businesses and individuals looking to harness the benefits of blockchain technology. Security & privacy starts with your secure MinteR Guardian WiFi router.

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NET port
1 WAN port, 3 LAN ports, 1000Mbps support automatic flip (Auto MDI/MDIX) conform to IEEE 802.3/802.3u/802.ab
Power port
DC5.5*2.1MM port
IPQ6000 4-core ARM Cortex A53s CPU,1.2GHZ
2.4G WIFI chipset
QCN5022 IEEE 802.11ax/n/g/b,the max speed 573.5Mbps,2T2R
5.8G WIFI chip
QCN5052 IEEE 802.11ax/ac/a,speed 1201Mbps,2T2R
DDR3 256MB
  • - Integrated Cyber Security Modules offer you a completely protected device identity, encrypted communication channels, and data sets. The Firewall provides you with access to all the security features. Keep the Firewall active at all times to benefit from the full functionality of the Cyber Security Modules.

  • - AdBlock function protects you from becoming subject to target manipulation by blocking ads and pop-up windows.

  • - Protect My Identity function allows you to protect the identity of all connected devices. The Website Access feature you can activate and automatically block access to all the malicious websites in CryptoDATA Tech’s database.

  • - Mining Configuration - register MinteR Guardian as a validator node on the Xiden blockchain, open a KrateR pool, validate transactions & earn XDEN. Easy step-by-step configuration.

  • - Validator Node - employ the 49 computing cycles, the 128GB storage capacity, at max. 12W power consumption and enjoy the benefits of your Blockchain projects.

  • - Voice Over Blockchain Protocol (VoBP) - encrypts traffic through the encryption keys which are generated for every session. Thus, even though a malicious entity would intercept the messages, their contents cannot be accessed as the keys become obsolete at the end of each session.

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