TinkR - Mini PC & Validator Node


1,699 USD

Compact in size, powerful in performance: TinkR Mini PC & Validator  

Get the best of both worlds with the TinkR Mini PC and Node Validator. Compact yet powerful, it offers secure and efficient blockchain transaction validation, while also being the perfect solution for your computing needs. With its advanced features and reliable performances, it’s a must-have for blockchain enthusiasts and professionals alike. Seamless connectivity and powerful computing in one compact package. 

Dual-OS capable device with integrated topmost secured CryptoDATA OS and a separate partition where you can install another OS of your choice. 

TinkR mini PC  is the flagship validator in the Xiden blockchain when connected to a mining pool; has the highest mining power of all CryptoDATA devices - 140 computing cycles.

Immersive graphics. Ultra-fast video acceleration. Independent 4K UHD displays. Simultaneous 1080p streams.

Hardware secured. Software secured. Data transfer secured. Low power consumption- max. 24W power consumption.  

Empower yourself with a mini PC that does it all - computing, validating, and securing your blockchain transactions.  

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Operating System
Intel Apollo Lake
Intel® HD Graphics J4125
256 GB M2 SSD
Card Reader
802.11 b/g/n/ac 2.4+5G + BT combo
Gigabit Ethernet PCI-E interface
Realtek ALC269Q-VC2-GR
USB 3.1
116 x 116 x40.7 mm
*The average shipping time for TinkR is 45 days.
  • - The highly performant processor is based on the Goldmont architecture, Intel’s notable microarchitecture developed for performance boost capabilities and the first option in power-efficient devices. Ultra fast M2 SSD, reliable HDD, six fast USB 3.1 ports, two USB 2.0 ports, HDMI 2.0, eDP, 802.11 b/g/n/ac 2.4 + 5G WiFi + BT combo, Gigabit Ethernet.

  • - Next-gen WiFi provides mobility, swiftness, and a stable connection for data transfer and communication.

  • - Card reader - a unique feature integrated into the TinkR PC - offers a simple and secure method for fast data transfer between your devices.

  • - Bluetooth for multiple connections between your devices for any type of data transfer: music, photos, videos, and documents.

  • - Lighting fast ports - transfer data at up to 10Gb/s charge and power external devices. /s 16GB of superfast memory. .

  • - Silent device - produces less than 45 decibels (i.e. matches the quiet register of sounds) when fully loaded

  • - Secure apps become available in STORE (distribution platform developed by CryptoDATA Tech), once you activate your TinkR mini PC.

  • - The integrated CryptoDATA OS is designed for your encrypted communication. In a separate partition, to preserve the highest level of security for the device, you can install a regular OS for conducting regular daily activities. Ultimate blockchain technologies ensure a first-in-class level of privacy and security for your communication, data storage, and file transfer when using TinkR mini PC.

  • - VoBP (Voice Over Blockchain Protocol), , integrated encryption algorithms such as AES-256, asymmetric key generation, and private and public key exchange are used to ensure your utmost privacy and security when communicating.

  • - Worm Guard: - proprietary software developed by CryptoDATA Tech to protect you from cyber threats - will cover all potential angles in case of cyber attacks:

    • - Defensive mode: protect the system in case of a cyber attack

    • - Preventive mode: test the channels and sources that come in contact with your device

    • - Offensive mode: maintains a healthy network by encrypting and thus disabling any unsafe, malicious source

  • TinkR Mini PC: don't just compute, validate!

The average order processing time for this product is 45 business days.
Delivery may take between 15-30 business days.
Customs information: delivery to non-EU countries may incur customs taxes. These fees are not included in the order payment and the customer is solely responsible for covering them. Device restrictions: Due to the fact that CryptoDATA's devices use an impenetrable encryption algorithm called VOBP, you may face issues importing them to certain countries because of various restrictions imposed on these types of devices by local authorities. Please consult your country's legislation before ordering in order to be sure that you can receive these devices. See more terms and conditions here.
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