Encrypted devices

IMPulse K1
Most secured and encrypted smartphone
Encrypted Device
Secured Device
IMPulse is the first smartphone that uses blockchain architecture to secure user data. Unique experience for communicating and transferring files in the most innovative and secure way available on the market through Voice Over Blockchain Protocol (VOBP) technology.
Most secured and encrypted laptop
Encrypted Device
Secured Device
With a unique design, BASM is the first encrypted laptop that offers integral protection in accessing and transmitting user data by using Voice Over Blockchain Protocol (VOBP) technology. In addition, with the physical encryption key, sensitive data remains protected and is easily accessible for its rightful owner at anytime, anywhere.
The core to our encrypted devices
CryptoDATA’s software is specially designed to make your life easier by protecting your sensitive information and fulfill your conventional needs.
Privacy is the New Order
More than a place to take online classes.
CryptoDATA’s Tinker designed the latest e-learning technologies to encourage creative teaching and offer access to innovative technology for students and teachers. Multimedia courses, VR learning, AR assets and 360° Hologram. All in one place.
A classroom like you never seen before
CryptoDATA for education
Empower your team to perform
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Take your business to the next level
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