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Privacy is

The New Order

Not just a router —
An empowering tool
Encrypted Device
Secured Device

A light validation node that verifies the conformity of both data and the system’s integrated devices, contributing to the network’s operation and providing resources for decentralized computing and storage power.

Free communication
Encrypted App
Secured App

An instant messaging app that allows you to communicate freely and securely at all times. No one, including us, can listen to your calls, read your messages or compromise your file transfers.

Multimedia privacy-oriented smartphone
Encrypted Device
Secured Device

Integrated state-of-the-art technology and futuristic design in a revolutionary smartphone with unbreakable security. Ensures user both personal privacy and professional security against cyber threats and third parties eavesdropping.

Secured blockchain
Encrypted Device
Secured Device

BASM is the first encrypted laptop that offers integral protection in accessing and transmitting user data by using Voice Over Blockchain Protocol (VOBP) technology.

IMPulse K1
Secured blockchain
Encrypted Device
Secured Device

IMPulse K1 is the first smartphone that utilizes Blockchain technology to ensure data encryption. Top-notch security and integral protection against third parties eavesdropping or malicious attacks.

Cyber protection Encryption Network Storage CryptoDATA OS Search Designed for Privacy — Built for Security
Secured and encrypted operating system
Encrypted OS
Secured OS

An innovative and user-friendly operating system designed for users that require high data security. Built-in software encryption ensures integral protection against malicious attacks.