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We are reshaping the future. With innovative product design, engineering and technology development, our team can transform every client’s idea into a flawless product.

Privacy & Security
for Everybody
Your life is built on information.
Protect your life
CryptoDATA OS™
Designed for Privacy
Built for Encryption
CryptoDATA OS is specially designed to reinforce our encryption applications in order to keep user information always protected. With a refined design combined with unmatched security your everyday tasks will become more personal, more efficient and more private than ever before.
voice over blockchain protocol
Voice Over Blockchain Protocol
Developed by CryptoDATA engineers, VOBP is a cutting edge security system that offers users complete protection of their data and unmatched security for their communication devices.
Blockchain InterPlanetary File System
Decentralized network that provides secure storage within the blockchain architecture for user information. File sharing and communication are protected since each users’ device becomes both a distribution and a verification server.
encrypted apps
Secured apps
Encryption in all apps
Protection in every action
Bringing together the complete security stack in order to deliver users’ complete protection. CryptoDATA seamlessly integrates innovative technologies designed to ensure communication and data security with user friendly applications.
Encrypted chat application
Safely send, store and receive messages on your device. End-to-end encrypted conversations ensuring that nobody can intercept your messages or break into your conversations.
voice over blockchain protocol
Unique Private Key
Physical encryption & access key
Part of the innovative CryptoDATA technology, the Unique Private Key is used to access all the private blockchain information stored for the user and grant access based on it.
voice over blockchain protocol
IMPulse K1
Most secured and encrypted smartphone
Exclusive through both design and performance, IMPulse K1 is the world’s first encrypted smartphone. Encrypted through the Voice Over Blockchain Protocol [VOBP] that assures unwavering protection of communication and data transfer for the end user.
Most secured and encrypted laptop
With a unique design, BASM is the world’s first encrypted laptop that offers integral protection in accessing and transmitting user data through Voice Over Blockchain Protocol [VOBP] technology. Protocol manages to efficiently combine strong elements and knowledge gathered from a variety of scientific fields to increase the security of your communications.

Energy sharing
Mobility for your life
Your life is built with energy.
Boost your life.
Electric vehicle
MOMENTUM Huvra, a full electric supercar that merges innovative technologies to achieve Best Performance in all conditions. Built for performance, designed for emotions!
Battery Source
Bank of Energy
Energy system designed to seamlessly support the users’ need for constant mobility and through continuous development it aims to revolutionise the battery sharing concept around the world.
Education embraces the world
giving birth to evolution
Your life is built with education.
Improve your life
E-learning platform
Inspire creativity
Students are the adults of our future society. Investing in their creativity makes them better communicators and tomorrow’s problem solvers. CryptoDATA’s Univrse designed the latest e-learning technologies to encourage creative teaching, offer access to innovative technology and transform traditional school into an innovative digital experience for students and teachers.
360° Hologram
Virtual Laboratory
VR Learning
Tinker Education
Virtual Laboratory VR
A platform that combines education and technology to create an effective and friendly digital environment, suitable for learning of academic subjects. Students and teachers can use their own devices to connect to a virtual classroom facilitated by 360 virtual environments, 3D models or virtual laboratories that simulate the concepts of physics and chemistry
Tinker Education
An innovative educational tool designed to meet the needs and expectations of students, in order to present the academic curriculum better and create an effective and friendly educational experience. Using our innovative technology, students can actually visualize and clarify the concepts taught during class and learn in a better and enhanced manner.
The keys to the
Tree of Knowledge
Simplify your way of making
smart decisions and predictions
encrypted apps
The keys to the Tree of Knowledge
Edain is an AI-powered knowledge creation ecosystem whose purpose is to make knowledge across the entire world flat. Providing equal access to knowledge is instrumental in eliminating the human knowledge gap and will empower humanity’s full human intelligence in our problem-solving endeavours. Edain or Extended Data Inventory is designed to be the world’s most complete knowledge repository, available to anyone, anywhere and without bias. Unlocking the knowledge from this repository requires Edain’s proprietary tradable license keys, also known as Edain (EAI).
voice over blockchain protocol
C+8 Knowledge Vault
The C+8 Knowledge Vault combines big data analysis and artificial intelligence to empower every human as a decision-maker the ability to leverage data into actionable knowledge.
voice over blockchain protocol
C+8 Technology
C+8 Technology® is a cutting-edge data-importation and transformation engine that allows data to fully self-organize through a complex process of data atomization and systemic association with event causality.
decentralized network
decentralized network

Internet of

Decentralized Networks

decentralized network decentralized network


A new internet layer
based on blockchain

A decentralized network that provides users with the opportunity to have a free, unrestricted, and permanent internet connection regardless of user location or device. By decentralizing the Internet, the user is no longer conditioned by affiliation or association with an internet service provider, no longer has limited access to certain parts of the Internet, and its identity will be permanently protected and secured.

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Smart Distributed Resources

A utility layer integrated into the Xiden blockchain that collects all the resources distributed by the network’s registered devices and makes them available for all users, in a decentralized manner, according to their needs.

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decentralized network


Spectralis network

A network that forms an internet layer of virtual tunnels to allow users to improve their privacy and security on the Internet. Any registered device can connect automatically to a Spectralis Hotspot without admin permissions, but the unregistered devices will be prompted for username and password as for any other Hotspot. All Spectralis-connected devices will benefit from the network’s features.

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Sici.AI flag of Europe
flag of Europe

System of Intelligent Cryptographic Integration is a project co-financed by the European Union and developed by CryptoDATA. SICI.AI aims to create a management platform that will digitize the company's processes with intelligent automation solutions and advanced analytics. The platform will be based on three key elements: software and hardware infrastructure, an AI module for machine learning and advanced analysis, and cryptographically secure hardware prototypes of mobile terminals for intra-company communication and data access.

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