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TinkR BASM IMPulse HidR MinteR Private Key
1,699 USD

An ultra-compact mini PC created to be the flagship validator in the   Xiden ecosystem that provides flexible and comprehensive solutions for a   wide range of applications.

999 USD

Iconic blockchain-based features and high-end design imagined for immersing into the ultimate secure computing experience.

349 USD

A secure phone that doesn't spy on you. Based on the latest blockchain technology & exclusively on tested components. The built-in cyber security systems - Voice over Blockchain Protocol, Worm Guard, EWTL (military-grade protection) - AI updated, turn the IMPulse K1 into a practically impenetrable device.

Amazing performance and top-notch Privacy and Security for your communication, data storage, and transfer. Battery efficiency - enjoy up to 72 hours of encrypted calls, video calls, messages, conferences, group chat, and more, even without a mobile network connection, just using Wi-Fi.

A collection of secure apps becomes available for you in STORE (CryptoDATA’s system application) once you activate your phone: VAULT for managing your virtual identities, creating wallets, and depositing crypto assets; B-EMAIL as private electronic mailing, GALLERY for secure photo upload, storage and many more.

799 USD

A state-of-the-art smartphone that includes outstanding security and encryption layers combined with a modern and exclusive design.

699 USD

A redefined smart device that will unlock the full potential of blockchain technology by creating new and innovative business opportunities.

59 USD

The Private Key represents the core element of our encrypted devices ecosystem. Three Private Keys pack, all in the same color.

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